Yoga Instructor & Founder

Audrey is a native New Orleanian. After a hiatus during which time she completed training as a pediatric emergency medicine doctor she returned to the city she loves. She discovered yoga in 2003 as a way to relieve the stress of her medical training. Informed by the peace of mind that a steady practice has brought her, she enjoys assisting people of all ages in discovering the beneficial health effects of a consistent yoga practice. She believes that the body awareness and mindful movement practiced in yoga helps integrate our body, mind, and spirit so that we can keep moving and thriving through life. Whether you've been practicing for just a few weeks or a few decades, yoga can help keep you resilient and aging gracefully.


Audrey has a 200 hour RYT certification through Yoga Medicine with Tiffany Cruikshank and completed an acupuncture certification through the Integrated Structural Acupuncture Program from the University of New England in Boston, MA. She is also a board certified lifestyle medicine physician.



Yoga Instructor and Co-Owner

Darra is a New Orleans native. Her love of movement led her to pursue a career in physical therapy and explore many types and styles of exercise. Her desire to help people exercise correctly led her to develop the Barrier Free Method (BFF) which she incorporates in all her classes.

She believes that quality of movement is the key to productive results. Exercise should not cause trauma to the joints or postural deterioration. Her goal is for each individual to modify classes for their own body, realizing that we all come to the mat with very physical histories. With enhanced body awareness, every class should be unique to each individual.

Her hobbies include spiritual fitness, rehabbing houses and furniture and repurposing discarded items. 



Yoga Instructor

Joanne began practicing yoga in 2008. Over the years, she has drawn much peace, presence, insight, reflection, and connection through yoga. As a pediatric emergency physician, she enjoys the challenge of blending her medical knowledge with yoga and sharing these tools to promote wellness in her community.  When she has time off from her busy schedule, Joanne loves reading, traveling, yoga retreats, and most of all, hanging out with her dawgs.

Joanne completed her 200 hr RYT through the Yandara Yoga Institute, and advanced teacher training in Yoga Therapeutics through Balance Yoga in NOLA. She is certified in Yoga for Seniors through the Duke Integrative Medicine program.



Yoga Instructor


Kimberlye is an RYT-200 Yoga Instructor, Coach, and Program Developer.  She holds a BA in Psychology from Loyola University New Orleans, and Advanced Education Study Achievements from both Tulane and Harvard University.

Kimberlye has taught over 250 hours of Yoga classes to adults. Her study and practice of Hatha Yoga began in 1975 in New Orleans. Since then she has included B.K.S. Iyengar, Bkati, Restorative, Chair, Yin, and Yoga Nidra traditions to her repertoire.


Kimberlye's classes are eclectic, integrative experiences with accessibility for students of all ages, physical, and personal conditions. 



Yoga Instructor


Kaitlyn has been practicing yoga since 2006 and teaching since 2016. Her dedicated personal practice of yoga with others. She has made teaching yoga a full time career continually expanding her practice and evolving her teaching style to accommodate all bodies and levels of fitness. 

Kaitlyn believes in the practice of yoga as a lifestyle bringing awareness to her breath and posture throughout her day. Always catering to her client's specific needs, she makes each flow different from the next.

You'll be guaranteed to have a unique sequence and calming experience in her class!



Yoga Instructor

Amina is a 500hr Yoga Instructor who recently moved to New Orleans from Tallahassee, FL. She graduated from Florida State University in 2020 with a BA in Music.

Early in her undergrad after dealing with muscle tightness and cramping from running, Amina started attending yoga classes as a means to help balance out her exercise routine. After a few classes, she started to feel better all around, both mentally and physically, and she began to dive deeper in to the practice.

Amina completed her 200hr teacher training February 2019 through Urban Bliss Yoga, originally with the intention of just working on her personal practice, but soon after discovered the joy of sharing the practice and helping people find their strength. In January 2021, Amina completed a 300hr training through Wildflowers Yoga. She is currently in school at Delgado Community College to become a PTA.

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Yoga Instructor

After moving and living around the country for 20 years, Angela made the move back home to New Orleans in 2020. She started practicing yoga more than 20 years ago as a way to round out her exercise routine and became a 200-hr certified yoga instructor through Cloud Nine Yoga in Hermosa Beach, CA.

Her approach to yoga reflects her rounded mentality and incorporates a little bit of everything:strength, balance, flexibility, movement, breath, and meditation while recognizing that everyone has different bodies and needs. She is passionate about yoga;s therapeutic benefits and believes it can be a calm retreat from today's hectic lifestyles.

When not working full time as a director in a national accounting firm, she enjoys being a student of not only yoga, but through her other varied interests: equestrian dressage, classical piano, freestyle dancing, gardening, plant-based cuisine, and the spiritual and metaphysical realm. Ever curious (and perhaps a bit eccentric), she is always ready to adventure and explore the unknown, following where her hearts leads her in life.

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