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Private Studio &
Home Sessions


A  private class is a great way to work with your specific needs or goals. New students can benefit from individualized attention and a non-intimidating environment in order to develop a strong foundation. Seasoned practitioners may enjoy these one-on-one sessions to further deepen their practice.

Private Therapeutic Yoga Session: 

Beginner to advanced. Props and pose modifications are taught to best serve individual needs.


  • 1 hour 1 person $100

  • 1 hour 2 people $125

  • 1 hour 3-4  people $150

  • 1 hour 5-8 people $200

Private Therapeutic Exercise Session:

'Strength and flexibility class designed to meet individualized needs with in-depth body awareness training.


  • 1 hour one-on-one $100


Posture/Strength/Flexibility Evaluation:

One-on-one session with a licensed Physical Therapist designed to increase your body awareness. A minimum of 4 exercises will be prescribed to bring your body balance.


  • 1 hour $125


Why choose an In-Home Wellness Session?

Functional goals and safety concerns can best be addressed in the actual setting in which they are performed. Concerns are easily identified which may be missed in the studio setting.

Typical goals may include: decreased pain, improved balance, improved motor skills such as getting on/off the floor, bending or squatting, increased energy and endurance, and improved posture. 

Perfect for:

  • Anyone wanting wellness session within the comfort of their own home.

  • Addressing functional goals and falls precautions

  • Transition step from home to studio

All sessions are delivered by a licensed and experienced physical therapist.


Note: sessions are considered wellness and are not eligible for insurance compensation.

Please email or call (504)517-2411 to for more info.

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