Private Sessions

Available with any of our instructors, a private class is a great way to customize the practice to work with your specific needs or goals. Those newer to yoga can benefit from individualize attention in a non- intimidating environment in order to develop a strong foundation. Even more seasoned practitioners may enjoy these one on one sessions to further deepen their practice.

Types of Private Sessions:

Private Yoga Class: Beginner to advanced. Props and pose modifications are taught to best serve individual needs.


  • 1 hour price range $75 to $125

  • 1 hour semi-private $100 to $150

  • 1 hour 2-4 people $125-$150

  • 1 hour 4-8 people $200


Private Fitness Class: Strength and flexibility class designed to meet individualized needs with in-depth body awareness training.


  • 1 hour one-on-one $100


Posture/Strength/Flexibility Evaluation: One-on-one session with a licensed Physical Therapist designed to increase your body awareness. A minimum of 4 exercises will be prescribed to bring your body balance.


  • 30 minutes $75​

  • 1 hour $125

Family Yoga Class: Yoga class for children 6-18 with parents/grandparents. Children under 6 require 1:1 parent child ratio. Depth of class is commensurate with age of child/children.

  • 45 minutes $100

Please email or call (504)517-2411 to schedule.


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