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The Party is Over

What now? Mardi Gras is over. All of my New Year’s resolutions made with high hopes and great expectations had been shelved during the chaos we call Mardi Gras. I always feel a little bit of a let-down until the Lenten Spirit takes over as Lent also signifies a time of abstinence where people give up some of their favorite yet somewhat unhealthy indulgences (e.g., alcohol, smoking, sweets, etc.) as a way of physical cleansing. I also use this time to not only measure how I am doing with my fitness goals but my spiritual ones as well.

As I was walking the dog on Wednesday morning, I saw people of all ages making their way towards the nearby Catholic church. “Ah, yes, it’s Ash Wednesday,” I thought. I then used that moment to reflect, revise and renew my own goals. I began to reflect by asking whether I had made any progress on achieving any of my own goals. Of course, I had the generic goals to lose weight, get fitter, eat healthier, etc., etc. But then I realized that while