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Class Descriptions

*Gentle Therapeutic Yoga:

Slow paced practice with emphasis on breath and relaxation. Gentle movement and postural therapy is utilized to bring the body and mind back into balance. Modifications are given for individualized needs and encouraged. Perfect for anyone recovering from illness, but soothing for all bodies. All levels.

*Yoga Basics:

Foundational principles of breath, alignment, and activation are woven in to a traditional yoga poses and slow repetitive flow for ease of learning. Modifications are explored and recommended to progress individual practice. Beginner friendly. 

*Exercise Therapeutics:

Appropriate for pure beginners and beyond. Using the breath as an anchor, yoga poses, and pilate exercises as tools, we will work on strengthening core muscles with the aim to improve balance and help you move around with more ease. Through the reinforcement of repetition you will slowly build confidence from pose to pose and class to class.

*BFF Intensive Class:

(3rd Saturday of the month; min of 4 participants; max of 6 participants) 2 hour class. 30 minute presentation of the foundational elements of exercise (necessary for the best form and outcomes.) 90 minute full strength and flexibility class; paced to provide participants with personalized modifications.

*Classes with our Barrier Free Fitness (BFF) method is utilized to create functional motor memory.

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