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Barrier Free Fitness

Basic Foundational Elements of Mindful Exercise

BFF Pyramid_edited.jpg

Exercise effectively with modifications specific to your individual body needs. The foundational elements provide you with tools to reverse the process of deterioration that comes with aging. 


*11 foundational element express tutorial videos (2-3 minutes of each element.)

*11 foundational element videos (10-20 minutes in depth tutorial of each element with specific exercises to gain confidence.)

*The "Constant" a complete 60 minute strengthen and stretch class encompassing all major  muscle groups. This class reinforces the foundational elements for mindful exercise. Intended for repetitive use for visible, measurable results. 

How it works:

Start at the base of the pyramid with #1 Core Breathing and work your way up to #11 Use Strength.

View the express versions for a quick start or take your time with the full versions.

Start using the full "Constant" exercise class from day one!

BFF is designed to develop foundational skills from the base up while still being exposed to all the foundational elements. Your individual body type may require you to spend more or less time on the different elements.