Examining Crops

Nola Lightspace is a therapeutic studio owned and operated by a medical lifestyle physician and physical therapist. We offer private and semi-private yoga and exercise therapeutics sessions that utilize an “East meets West” approach to wellness. 

Every "body" is uniquely shaped by nature as well as life experiences. One size does not fit all when it comes to exercise. Our goal is to give clients enhanced awareness to bring their body into balance thereby improving posture and function. We stress the use of props, exercise modifications, and self pacing.

Our instructors incorporate the Barrier Free Fitness (BFF) method, which is designed to engage mindful exercise and create meaningful lifestyle changes with overall improvement to health and everyday function.  


Every client of ours is invited to practice in a way that best serves THEIR body.  


Join us, make that positive lifestyle change you’ve been wanting, and book your first session today!


"We believe your body is it's own best teacher. This principle guides our approach in all of our classes, services, and treatments. Our main goal is to help our clients pursue a path to a happy, healthy lifestyle that is uniquely their own."

Audrey & Darra

The Barrier Free Fitness (BFF) Program

Foundational Elements to Mindful Exercise

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I'm so happy with the strength and agility that I've gotten from coming here.

— Maria

Nola Lightspace really accepts that fact that everyone is different, every body is different.

— Joyce